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5 On It – Women Claiming Their Space In The Music World

1BTN’S Jo Dressler tells the story of women making their mark in contemporary music, from Muslim metal to Filipino dancehall.   INDONESIA All female, Muslim metal band (now there’s a few demographics you don’t see melded together very often) Voice of Baceprot are an Indonesian teenage metal band, smashing through stereotypes … read more


Mali, the landlocked country of West Africa has a rich, long-lived and deeply embedded musical tradition and has given us numerous musical treasures, a few of which I would like to share with you, along with a brief look at the vibrant music culture which still thrives. At the end … read more


Guilty musical pleasures – What are they? Why are they? And what’s to be guilty about!? Jo Dressler goes in search of the uncool …   Being British comes hand in hand with being embarrassed; embarrassed to dance while sober, embarrassed to admit you find someone attractive, or not, embarrassed … read more