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Tru-Thoughts w/ Rob Luis: Unfold

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John & Felix Masouri – Run The Track

Author and music journalist, John Masouri and his son, Felix, join the ever growing 1BTN family, this being their first of a new Monthly programme. John Masouri is one of the few excellent writers whose knowledge of everything Reggae, has made them a historian on the genre. Felix is a … read more

Roots Garden

Roots Garden back in the 1BTN bunker for another all fiya selection! Jon Jones dishing out the continuous high standard that we come to expect from his show. An education in Dub, Roots and Reggae culture.

VERSION – Aretha/Mattos Special

Here’s my VERSION show from Sunday morning on 1BTN feat loads of newness, a mix from my good mate Matt Simmons and I pay my respects to the great Aretha Franklin. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll be back in 2 weeks on Sunday 16th Sept 10am-12 w/ another very special … read more