• Soft Feet w/ Furious Styles & Marnie Tempo (R)

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  • Soft Feet w/ Furious Styles & Marnie Tempo (R)
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Atlantic Waves


2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month

Colleen O’Brien (Coco) is a Canadian sound, visual and performance artist with a passion for discovering and producing avant-garde music. After graduating with a first in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, one of her sound-installation pieces was awarded runner-up in London’s 2019 art show Free Range. She then moved to continue her studies with an MA in Digital Music and Sound Art at The University of Brighton. During her studies, she began her career as a DJ, where her love for music and sound was able to flourish and be shared. She continues to produce and perform original electronic music under her drag alias Taz Cobalt and co-hosts Atlantic Waves on 1BTN.

Atlantic Waves presents a compilation of new artists that flow between the boundaries of genre and music as a whole. The title of the show comes from the North American and English backgrounds of the hosts who give the show a cross-Atlantic perspective. Providing a unique show twice a month, Atlantic Waves aims to create a platform for cutting-edge artists all over the world.

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