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First Thursday of the Month

An avid vinyl collector for 20 years with a penchant for dirty funk, clean underwear & East-Coast Hip Hop. Having literally slept on a bed of vinyl for a year, he’s had to downsize the collection to a more manageable quantity and is happy to be able to locate lost hip hop gems that were previously lost in Abba sleeves. When he’s not doing the Burnt Toast Show he can be found cleaning windows with a dangerously long pole, drinking the finest of teas, DJing in numerous pubs and recording the Strictly Business Radio Show on another Brighton station (the filthy, moonlighting whore).

The Burnt Toast Show has no master-plan, just a desire to provide listeners with the opportunity to scrape the morning muck from their eyes whilst listening to a mix of genres & styles that many radio shows are either unable or unwilling to embrace. It’s not rocket science but it keeps host Blackbeltjonez relatively sane & encourages him to continue to dig for vinyl nuggets of soul, funk, hip hop, beats & oddities to keep things nice & lively…

After experimenting with a variety of ways to execute each show it seems a 50/50 split of careful planning with careless spontaneity works best, giving more of a live appeal much in the way a DJ set would (but without the technical wizardry of decent scratching & seamless mixing).

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