• Soft Feet w/ Furious Styles & Marnie Tempo (R)

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  • Soft Feet w/ Furious Styles & Marnie Tempo (R)
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Chris Lewis

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Mondays 12pm-2pm


Hailing from the mystical hills of Wales, Chris grew up surrounded by a diverse youth culture of music and cut his teeth on his uncles extensive vinyl record collection as a kid. His passion of digging’ for wax has never stopped and the dusty fingertips remain to this day!

Moving through the live music scene of Wales and the wider universe via the psychedelic groove unit ‘The Original Mind band’, his foray into music continued and eventually led him to the East-End of London, where for the next 17yrs he remained, orchestrating events and raves with the finest promoters, musicians and D.J.’s on the scene.  Venues like, Brick Lanes’ legendary, Vibe Bar and more recently the underground world of Bar-A-Bar in Stoke Newington, the party continues!

The love and exploration has recently found the shores of Brighton, so expect nothing and get everything from this show, displays of Jazz, Latin, Psyche, Rock, Folk, Funk and Exotica on route, every show has common threads and themes, the links tenuous, obscure, often obvious and at times somewhat crass, but each excursion is a celebration of musical history, diversity and creativity.

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