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Vision On

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Vision On aka James – player of music, rider of bikes, collector of records and T shirts.

Growing up the eclectic output of 90s labels like Ninja Tunes, Talkin Loud, Acid Jazz, Mo Wax and DJs such as Giles Peterson, Norman Jay, Masters at Work, DJ Food, Mr Scruff, James Lavelle, Coldcut really opened my ears to so much great music, spanning so many different genres. I was also fascinated by hip hop culture and loved (still do!) hearing old tunes being sampled/scratched/cut up whatever and being made into new music.

No surprise then with my bi weekly Saturday morning show, Vision On, everything is in. The show has a nod to TV Themes, Film Soundtracks and Library tracks from the 60’s to the present. But the sonic spectrum incorporates Downtempo, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, Folk, Electronica, Psychedelia, Soul, Funk plus everything/anything else in between.

Think of Vision On as a bag of pick and mix sweets.. its contains all sorts of sounds and flavours but they’re all sweet!!

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