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Jennifer Touch

Achtung! I´m Jennifer Touch, a musician and DJ based in Berlin and I love boots and synths. My early upbringing left a taste of east-german Krautrock and 80´s vibes, the 90´s techno hit my teen head hard. Some years ago I fell in love with Brighton and the sea, since … read more

Jo Dressler

2pm-4pm 3rd Tuesday of the Month I am someone with an insatiable appetite for new sounds, cultures, colours, people, places and stories, and so my show explores those things within music. The show is only in it’s second year, though the research and the passion was there long before. Music … read more

Jackie and Jayne

Friday Feel Good Fridays 1pm-4pm Weekly After meeting at Glastonbury in 1999, J&J fell in love through music and parties. A lifelong musical bond lead well-seasoned DJ Jayne to take musician Jackie under her wing to become a dynamic duo. They since have revved up countless parties/events & have had … read more


Wednesdays 3pm-5pm Bi-Weekly Producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe F Newman cut his teeth in an eclectic range of bands and musical projects – not to mention absorbing a mind-boggling array of influences, from The Clash to De La Soul to Snarky Puppy – before deciding the time had come to zoom … read more

Justin Rushmore

Thursdays 9-11am Weekly Justin Rushmore was heavily involved with dance music since the revolution exploded in the early 90’s. Growing up in the home counties he did his graft as a mobile jock in the mid eighties. As the nineties approached so did a few detours around the M25 where … read more

Jim Lister

VERSION Sunday 4pm-6pm Bi-Weekly Growing up in the hinterlands of deepest Epsom, like most suburban kids I couldn’t wait to move to the city. 20 years of London living schooled me in numerous ways and provided my musical and nightlife education. Kiss FM, Notting Hill Carnival, Good Times, Aba Shanti, … read more