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Ben GC

The James Milner of 1BTN Check Schedule For Show Times Hi, I’m Ben GC, I bring a melting pot of all things groove-based from the past and the present. One foot seemingly stuck in 80s boogie, funk and afro the other tip-tapping around house and techno old and new – … read more

Big Red Al

LATE NIGHT BIGNESS 10pm-Midnight 2nd Saturday of the Month I’m Big Red Al 😉. I’m huge, with red hair, hence the name. My love of music was burned into my soul as I watched jazz dancers climb the walls to celestial music in the hull of Bristol’s good ship Thekla. … read more

Balearic Ultras

TBA (Check Schedule) Manc’n’Mush DJ duo the Balearic Ultras have been pushing new music down the throats of anyone who will listen for the last 5 years. Mike & Dunc are lovers of all things dreamlust italo, serene ambience, tropical pop oddities, chuggin’ thumps & cosmic belters, broadcasting 8 – … read more

Burnt Toast

12pm-3pm First Thursday of the Month An avid vinyl collector for 20 years with a penchant for dirty funk, clean underwear & East-Coast Hip Hop. Having literally slept on a bed of vinyl for a year, he’s had to downsize the collection to a more manageable quantity and is happy … read more